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Nature and Science
Wildcraft Board Game
Little Edible Vines
Hummers and Other Great Little Guys
What We Learned Today
On Making Acorn Bread
Free Online Microscope
Lovely Little Balls of Life and Sad Endings
Mourning Losses; Small Burials
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
Nature and Natural Math
The Human Body for 8-9 Year Olds
Ecogeeks? "The Wild Classroom" Link
Central Nervous System, the Brain and Amazing Prosthetics
Antarctica: A Lesson Plan
Intertidal Bird Feeding
Bald Eagle Cam
Red-tailed Hawk Bird Cam
Great Blue Heron Bird Cam
Bird Cam Update and Some New Nests to Watch
The History of the Earth: A Lesson Plan for 8-9 Year Olds
Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics: Geology Lesson Plan #2
Volcanoes and Igneous Rocks: Geology Lesson Plan #3

Sedimentary Rocks: Geology Lesson #4 for 8-9 year olds

Metamorphic Rock and the Geology of North Carolina
The Tech Museum - San Jose California
Revisiting the Museum of Life and Science in Durham
Grandfather Mountain
November: Writing, Art, History and Geocaching
Outdoor Adventures in the Fall
Sylvan Heights Bird Park
Maker Fair NC
Lesson Plan: Plants Class #1, Classification
Lesson Plan: Plants Class #2, Roots
Lesson Plan: Plants Class #3, Stems and Transport
Lesson Plan: Plants Class #4, Leaves and Photosynthesis
Lesson Plan: Plants Class #5, Flowers and Pollination
Tree Identification Resources and Acorn Bread

Ko's Journey online math game
Life of Fred Elementary Level Books
Nature and Natural Math
Fibonacci Fun
Life of Fred Elementary Level - A Recap
Random Math Video Fun
Dragon Box

Some of Our Favorite Music - Musical Resources
Jellybean Video
Music Composition: NoteFlight

Rembrandt in America (NC Museum of Art visit)
Jellybean Video
Amazing Art!... Again!
Art Exploration: Andy Goldsworthy
More Book Art
Art: Reuben and Calder
Mess-free Sand Art!
Art: Reuben and Calder and the Maker Faire
November: Writing, Art, History and Geocaching

Some of Our Favorite Books
Dragon Books
Off the Bookshelves: Seven Silly Eaters
Off the Bookshelves: The Latka Who Couldn't Stop Screaming
Off the Bookshelves; Make the Bread, Buy the Butter
Off the Bookshelves: Native American stories
Fun Videos for Book Lovers
Textbooks are (Mostly) Stupid
Boy Books for the Reluctant Reader
Off the Bookshelves: The Camel Who Took a Walk

National Poetry Month 2013
Going Through Last Years Papers (a couple of poems)
NaNoWriMo again

Geography, History and Cultures
Off the Bookshelves: Native American stories
Town Creek Indian Mound
NC Museum of History: The Story of North Carolina Exhibit
Geography Fair 2012
Comparing Two Coasts: Santa Cruz to the Eno River
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and Early American History Resources
Thinking About Vietnam
International Festival of Raleigh
November: Writing, Art, History and Geocaching
Geography Fair 2013
Random Educational Video Roundup
Horrible Histories

Random Topics
Fall Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes
On Making Acorn Bread
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
Improve Everywhere: Fun Video Rehash
Fun Videos for Book Lovers
Maple View Farm Tour
Uggg... record keeping!
Blog post on Giftedness
Spring Thing 2013
Grandfather Mountain
Maker Fair NC
Umstead Walk

Ruminations and Rants
Our Homeschool Adventure
Thoughts of Keeping Communication Channels Open
Making Things Official
It Takes a Village: Part 1
In and Out of the Box
It Takes a Village: Part 2
Off to the Races... Why?
Little Lovely Balls and Life and Sad Endings
Mourning Losses, Small Burials
Do NOT Panic!
Why am I Doing This?
Raving Sports Parents Rant
Random Learning Moments
The Good Days and the Not So Good Days
February Slump or Just Spring Fever?
Homeschoolers are Fascinating People
Perspective from the Treadmill
What do you mean, no socialization?! Plus guest post from Jessi
Summer Here We Come!
What will they Be?
Summer... What is it for you?
On Late Mornings and NOT being with the program
This week...
Patience, Respect, and Not Taking Things Personally
Trapped in Tradition: December
Overcoming Inertia
A Good Homeschool Day
Beset with Doubts
Stress and Commitments

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